I’m the kind of introverted, very spiritual creative person who is now described as a Highly Sensitive Person and is prone to occasional bouts of what some folk have described as ‘walking depression’.¬† Over the years, whenever I’ve gone back to Marc for help, he’s always been completely comfortable with the kind of challenges it presents.In addition to his professional skills, he has a real gift for being able to gauge exactly what tone each session needs to have; he intuitively knows when I’m able to take some gentle humour and he offers compassionate but rock steady support when he knows I’m vulnerable and need a safe space to unravel. If you need help in finding your way home to yourself, don’t hesitate to enlist Marc’s help. He’s a great person to have in your corner.

Ms J. H., Fife, Scotland

Marc was incredible and I have to say that without his support I don’t know how I would have survived my emotional challenges over the last 6 months. Marc was patient and understanding and never judged. He held me together as I was falling apart and basically saved my life.

Mr. L., Swansea, U.K.