Is life getting you down? Are you struggling to cope and don’t know where to turn? Make a positive change and receive counselling in the comfort of your own home.

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Telephone/Video Call

Standard 60 minute counselling session via Skype or Zoom

£50 per hour

E-Mail Counselling

Alternative form of counselling suitable for people who cannot commit to a set day/time.

£50 per therapeutic e-mail

Private Message

60 minute live chat via Skype private message

£50 per hour

Common Questions

Talking therapies operate on the principle that talking to a therapist in a confidential environment, free of judgement and prejudice allows us to explore our issues and discover solutions that will enable us to deal with life’s problems in a healthier manner.

A counsellor will never tell you what to do or give you advice as this is counterproductive and could lead to dependency. Instead a counsellor will attempt to lead you to discovering your own answers typically by asking questions that encourage self-exploration and self-reflection. The ultimate goal should be to respect your autonomy and to empower you as an individual to make the decisions that you decide are right for you.

Sessions last for one hour. Usually 50 minutes for therapy with 10 minutes at the end for summarising. E-mail counselling differs in that there is no set time allocated.

Typically you should expect to attend therapy once a week at the same day and time agreed upon prior to starting.

For e-mail counselling it is typical to have one exchange per week; i.e., you will send an e-mail and I will respond.

On average clients need 6 to 8 sessions of therapy to make effective change(s) in their lives.

However, we will typically work together for 4 sessions with the fourth one used as a review to see whether or not continuing with therapy would be beneficial.

Telephone, video call and private message counselling costs £50 per hour. E-mail counselling costs £50 per therapeutic e-mail (administrative e-mails are never charged).

For the most part anything we discuss in therapy is completely confidential. There are some exceptions however.

Firstly I am required to discuss client work with a supervisor. This is to ensure I am providing a safe and professional service at all times. Personal details however, will be kept at a strict minimum.

Secondly, in certain situations I am legally and ethically obliged to share information with others. This may be in relation to safety concerns for yourself or others or in extreme cases disclosure/knowledge of criminal activity.

In order for your therapy to have a chance to be successful, it is important that you develop a good working relationship with your therapist. You should feel comfortable enough to share whatever is on your mind with him/her.

Building such a relationship does take time, but if there is anything that you are uncomfortable or unclear about then you should bring this up with your therapist.

If that is too difficult for you then you are within your right to end therapy and seek help elsewhere.

From the therapist’s perspective he/she should always be upfront and honest with you with what they can and cannot help with. If they are unable to help then wherever possible they should signpost you to an individual/organisation that can help.

You can send me a message via my contact form to request further information or to request an appointment.